University Campus of Savona

The University Campus of Savona (Italy) is located near the motorway junction of Savona. The Savona Campus is made up of 6 main buildings (Lagorio, Marchi, Delfino, Locatelli, Branca, Library).










It is composed of:

  • 28 classrooms and 4 study rooms;
  • one library;
  • 22 centres and research laboratories;
  • 14 companies have their own offices in the campus;
  • Soccer field, tennis court;
  • 60 University Housing;
  • Bar and university canteen;

Most of the buildings present in the Campus receive heat and electricity from a Smart Polygeneration Microgrid (SPM). The SPM consists of several renewable and traditional generating units integrated with storage devices and connected by an electrical grid.

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