RESILIENT Project Review Successfully Held


On September 18th, right after the yearly project event Sustainable Places 2015, the RESILIENT project partners gathered for their second review meeting in the University campus of Savona, one of the project demo sites. The project partners met with their Project Officer from the European Commission and the Technical Programme Officer to review the project's progress and discuss the alignment for the last year.

Each strand of work within the RESILIENT project was presented by the responsible partner. There was also room for discussions with the Commission representatives and the project partners.


Notably, some considerable progress could be seen on the holistic framework for optimized district management. District simulations that are currently performed, cooperation between different elements and, in particular, with the infrastructure of the pilot description (developed in another task) was shown in live. The simulation's relevance for real districts, e.g. in terms of scale, was furthermore discussed. As a next step, the most interesting field of application for the simulation tool will have to be identified and specified for each exploitable result respectively. Since the inputs from the RESILIENT demo sites are so diverse, the tool will be employable in different district types, and reference commodities.

Furthermore, the project partners involved in the ICT framework development could demonstrate some exciting results. A live presentation of the Distribution Management System simulation tool was performed during the meeting, showing the functionalities of the tool itself: the geographical map overlaying the grid lines, heating and cooling and the size and features of the buildings integrated within the district description. So far, the test has been performed in a test location in France and demonstrated in the Savona real case as well, Savona being one of the most complex case studies. The different functionalities were also explored, including the cost estimation for the different types of solutions.



The project partners and the representatives of the Commission furthermore had the opportunity to visit the RESILIENT demo site at the Savona Campus. This visit was also included in the agenda of Sustainable Places 2015 event to showcase some of the energy simulation demonstrators of the demo site to SP2015 attendees.


RESILIENT is well under way and ready to enter into its fourth and last year. The project partners are motivated to join their efforts for great project outcomes and the final event in June 2016: Sustainable Places 2016.