Demo site in Kuringen, construction of 42 new housing units has started

District heating with renewable energy

In September 2015, the construction of  42 dwellings composed of 4 houses and 38 apartments started at Broeker Winning Street in Kuringen. 

The project was designed by a2o architects[1] in Hasselt. It consists of two phases: Phase 1 and Phase 2. Phase 3 on the same street is already finished and inhabited since the end of 2014. Phase 1 (22 homes) is being built by the construction company Janssen, based in Mopertingen (Bilzen). Besides, the construction company Gemoco is taking care of phase 2 (20 homes). Overall, the construction works will take 500 days.

The homes will be heated by a heat network: a central heating system, on the basis of gas absorption heat pumps. The heat will be distracted from the soil, and applied as an energy source for the heating of the homes. The part of renewable energy used for heating is therefore substantial, and the related CO2 emissions are considerably low.